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Lead Generation for Economic Developers

How to Generate Leads for Business Attraction

If you had enough of the right people on your website engaging with your content, you would convert website traffic to leads. 

Imaging spending more time with company owners than you do replying to Anonymous RFP's and Site Selectors.

When it comes to Lead Generation in Economic Development - here's a simple breakdown of how it all works...

  • Your website must get enough of the right traffic - visitors, eyeballs, hits, from people in your Target Audience.
  • You must attract the right audience for your website: page by page by page.
  • The audience must be engaged and compelled to initiate contact with you - this results in a Lead or a Conversion. This is where Projects are born.

The Guide and what you'll need to win.

1. A live, secure, hosted Website with a domain name.  A good domain name and using SSL are important!  

The best domain names are what people search for.  It's not always possible to get great domain names, but we see a lot of crappy ones out there.

Example:  "economic development info Griffin, GA"  - www.economicdevelopmentinfogriffingeorgia.com would be good. 

 No one will search for

  • EDAGGA  
  • Grow Griffin 
  • Grow Griffin Georgia

In fact, we can tell you what people are searching for.


Example:  Click this link to see a google search and results... 


PS If you are a city or county based organization, get your own url and website! Otherwise you'll get lumped in on a massive city website that is not appealing to the website visitor!


2. A website menu with easy navigation.  Always think EASY.  You will need to build your website using a CMS - Content Management System - examples

  • Wordpress
  • Square
  • Wix
  • Custom Site - Golden Shovel uses their own system for example and they are a full scale agency specializing in working in Economic Development
  • HubSpot CMS (check out our EDO starter website template)

3. Tell a better story that is engaging, exciting and optimized for search engines. You want to create curiosity, a desire for people to want to know more about how they can win by moving their business into your community. 

4. Website pages must be SEO optimized (title, content, image descriptions, etc.)  The website search engines must be able to "read, interpret, rank and categorize your websites using a crawler" this is referred to as indexing your website.

5. Website pages that resonate with the target audience(s). People visit websites to get answers. Be sure you give people the info they seek. But also give them a reason to contact you - that contact is a Lead Conversion. You must understand the different audiences, what they want, and how they like to "shop" communities. Because that is exactly what they are doing... shopping.

  • site selectors
  • company direct leads
  • influencers
  • sites and buildings
  • community info - data - research - etc.

6. The Qualify of your content can be measured by tracking several measures using Google Analytics. You should score and monitor all website traffic in the aggregate and page by page.  When we work with clients, these metrics go up!

  • average time on page
  • bounce rate
  • clicks per page
  • scroll depth

6. Use lead conversion tools and strategies - make it easy for people to get in touch with you. 

  • forms (submit an RFI, submit RFP, attend event, download asset, etc.)
  • gated content
  • online chat
  • chat bots
  • book a meeting option that displays your availability and allows the individual to book time with you

7. The Big One... Identify the Contacts and Companies engaging with you online.  Right now, people are leaving clues all over your website. Without our tools, you can't track trace the clues back to the individual. This leaves you In the Dark. Our clients have advanced intelligence that puts them in the Right Place, at the Right Time with the ability to Deliver the Right Message. This will help you get more and win more Projects.


Ideas and Tools 

Contact us for a free website analysis - we'll run your site through our automated system and send your scores back to you. The button below is a Call to Action. We also track with pages and CTA's covert leads.

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Behind the score are the details - what you need to do in order to improve the score.  As you can see from this old scan, we had speed issues to overcome!

So step one, know what to fix!

We are less concerned about mobile optimization because 89% of our website visitors are Desktop. 

We also know our performance is affected by our high use of video but... our video's get traction and action (leads), we we are willing to sacrifice performance for content effectiveness. 

Talk with someone about your website analytics and understand the reports. Figure out what's working and what's not working.

Track lead conversions.  Track leads and measure how many leads turn into projects. Measure the projects by Jobs Created, Total Payroll Added, and CapX. From here you can figure out your ROI / lead.

Understand how people are navigating your site "in the real world". We use a $15/month tool that can give you this intel. Call us and mention "Orange Juice".  After all, we can't reveal all of our tricks here.  We will get you set up with a 30 day trial so you see how powerful this tool is.

Know how to Proactively Pursue your industry clusters and target markets by company size and geography using Social and Ads (google ads, linkedin, direct mail and yes, even print ads).

Our Typical Process.


We need to understand your goals and objectives.

Learn about your community and the types of projects you want to go after.

View your website analytics and analyze your website / digital presence.

Understand what tools you have at the ready today. Determine if these are the right tools to use.

Create a plan of action based on your monthly budget. Yep - you must have and share a budget with us.


We will help you tell a better story that gets results.


Increase website traffic.

Increase average time on page - attract the right audiences via organic and targeted ads.

Convert traffic into Leads.

Provide marketing tracking tools to help you measure ROI on Marketing Dollars spent.

Track Lead to Project to Win so you can measure Impact and Project ROI.


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