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HubSpot: Project / Incentive Compliance Tracking 


HubSpot - here's how to track a company's compliance / performance after the incentive has been awarded.

In HubSpot, we've customized the system to track incentive agreements and we measure how a company performed against expectations. Tickets are used to track and manage customer issues, support requests, and other types of customer inquiries. When a customer contacts a business with a question or issue, the business can create a ticket in HubSpot to track the progress of the issue and ensure that it is resolved in a timely manner.

Here are the key features of tickets in HubSpot:

  1. Creation: Tickets can be created manually by a user, or they can be automatically created when a customer submits a form or sends an email to a designated support email address.

  2. Properties: Tickets have properties that allow users to track important information such as the status of the ticket, the customer's contact information, and any associated tasks or notes.

  3. Workflows: HubSpot's workflow automation tools can be used to automate ticket management processes, such as assigning tickets to specific users or teams, sending email notifications when a ticket is updated, or changing the status of a ticket based on certain criteria.

  4. Reporting: HubSpot's reporting tools allow users to analyze and visualize data related to tickets over time, such as the number of tickets created, the average response time, and the average resolution time.

  5. Integration: HubSpot integrates with a variety of other tools, including customer service and support software, to provide a more comprehensive solution for managing customer inquiries and support requests.

Overall, tickets in HubSpot provide a centralized system for managing customer issues and support requests, allowing businesses to track the status of each issue and ensure that they are resolved in a timely manner.

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