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HubSpot: Tracking Company Performance Against Incentive Expectations 

The check has been cashed, did your incentive drive the intended results?

The Problem

Economic developers are under increased scrutiny when it comes to making deals with companies using Incentives which range from:

  • Corporate Income Tax
  • Consumption Tax
  • Workforce Tax Incentives
  • Grants
  • Infrastructure
  • Utility and Energy
  • Lending and Finance]
  • Job Training

Compliance and Aftercare is an important phase to manage after the incentives are awarded.

A system is required to keep up with capturing the required data over time. And that system, is something that you can do with HubSpot for Economic Developers.

Excellent Article On Incentives - From SelectUSA

economic development incentives overview article

The Solution

HubSpot for Economic Developers keeps with you performance check in's and data collection. A history of data collected is stored and can be used for reporting.

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